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Suseya /19-24 August 2004

Update from Suseya – August 19-24, 2004

At 2 o’clock in the afternoom two volounters from Operation Dove start a present in Suseya (in the south of Yatta near the green line).

Around 8,45 o’clock the IDF soldier came in the place where there are the tends of the Palestinian people in Suseya.
The soldier stationed near the vegetables field and evaquated the families live in the tends and pushed then 100 meters far near another tend.
The volunters start immediatly to take some pictures and already the soldier came (3 of them) to say that they are making an military training operation said that they couldn’t stay in there, but go with the families.
(They weren’t rude with the international)…(the 2 volunteries called immediatly Evzra and some people from Taayoush).
The volunteries stay just 50 meters from the soldier without go to the tend.
The soldier came again to say that in short time they were going to leave and said again to the guy to go in the tend.
About 20 minutes later 1 jeep came and the soldiers in it moved to the opposit valley(near the settlement line).
Suddenly an apache came from Yatta direction make an little round up the tend and landed in the “forbidden? field….(this is the place where the Palestinians can’t go).
The volunters run in it direction and take some pictures.
The apache charged all the soldiers were in the land, turned again up the tends and go away.
The jeep stayed in there short time on the top of the hill.

The people evacuated were in 10 (2 men 3 women and 5 childreen).
The training operation dured 20 minutes.

At 1’10 o’clock the apache came again in the same place and decharge?? 8 soldiers.
They went in the suseya settlement direction without spoke with the volunters.
They picked up an army truck on the main street and go away.

That’s all!

Operation Dove