Daily Archive: May 31, 2005

Update: houses demolished in Masafer Yatta

Update: houses demolished in Masafer Yatta (Southern Hebron Hills)
May 22nd 2005

At 9.30 a.m 3 jeeps, a bulldozer and a bugger arrived in ‘Khall el Thaba and demolished the only house of the place. ‘Khall el Thaba is along the hills just beyond Mufaggara on the way to Jinba.
The demolished house belongs to Ali Mohamed Jaber Debebzee.

Update: Tuwani /22-26 May 2005

Update from At-Tuwani May 22nd-May 26th 2005

Sunday, 22nd
7.42 am 13 children walking with Hammer driving behind them. No soldiers
walking. The patrol was late more than one hour because for the last days of school the children have asked to start walking from Tuba around 6.30.
10.20 am As Cpters Kristin Anderson and Diane Janzen were going to observe the 10.30 school patrol, a Palestinian from Muffagara stopped them by the spring on the road and told them about a home demolition. The Cpters went to find the demolished house.