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Operation Dove Report: May 2010

Nonviolent peace corps (Association Community Pope John XXIII)
Updates from Projects


General situation

During the current month presidential election will begin. Surveys suggest that there will not be a change. It is likely that the winner will be Mr Santos who is outlining a continuity with the previous government. Unlike him, the other candidate Mr Mockus is proposing a refusal to defend the extremes of the Army behaviour, that were not only tolerated by the government but also rewarded. This will have consequences on human right violations.

Sharing and volunteers

Many accompaniments were done, especially toward Mulatos and La Resbalosa veredas, which are in the most critical situation, because of the high presence of military groups and because there were actually various shootouts between the Army and the Guerilla close to presidential elections.

Some fights took place on the paths peasants and volunteers usually walk to reach the veredas thus arising lot of worrying for everybody’s safeness.


General situation

Gibuti and Somalia governments have recognized Kosovo as a independent state leading to 69 countries members of the United Nations which have done that.

In Mitrovicë/Kos.Mitrovica Kosovan police had to stop some uprising on the occasion of the Serbian parallel local government elections.

In Zallq/Zać, a group of Serbian who recently came back to Kosovo is experiencing violent facts while they are waiting for their houses to be re-build by the Kosovo Government.


As a consequence of the harassments in Zallq/Zać, volunteers accompanied a lady from Goraždevac to visit her relatives there, who are temporarily living under military escort. New visits followed, both to Serbian and to Kosovan inhabitants of the small city.

Study group

A meeting was held with A. from “Tavolo Trentino con il Kosovo? in order to gather information about the possible development of the group into an association. Since members of the group were asking to be more active in their territory, it has been decided that in next three months they will operate together with OD volunteers in their daily activities.

Conflict team

The main commitment during the month was to get youths from Goraždevac more involved, but participation was poor.

Youth point rules were designed in order to save all the material available in the centre.


The first phase of the photograph project involving youth from Prishtinë/Priština and Gracanicë/Gra?anica is getting to the end. Next step is to organise the touring exhibition. Informal meetings between the groups are becoming frequent. Concerts and music events are playing a role in it.


General situation

May 2010 will be marked as the month of the insane bloodbath operated by the Israeli Army in International waters against the crew of Freedom Flotilla, which ended with 9 Turkish activist being killed.

In South Hebron Hills May was a month of harvest. This is part of the nonviolent resistance of Palestinians, since many of the fields are close to Ma’on settlement and Havat Ma’on outpost. No violent incidents took place, but one morning the fence which had been built to prevent settler intrusion was partially destroyed. Villagers reported the fact to the police.

On May 27th at night time, the army performed a military training in the village, no civil was involved.



Tension between the new elected major Scalzone and associations operating in the area is growing. Associations asked for more dialogue and less discrimination and major answered with a public message on Corriere di Caserta marking a violent breach (published May 13th).

The checking activity of Police is more frequent both on buses and in private houses. Obtaining papers is getting more and more difficult, possibilities for regular job are low and laws don’t help.

Operation Dove

Volunteers decided to join immigrants early in the morning in the places where they gather to find job since many told them about the frequent checking activity of Police and how it is done. This allowed volunteers to get in touch with many workers and to know more deeply their situation, beside monitoring how this checking activity is performed.

Italian lectures are going on as well as after-school activities.

Together with other associations the idea of a “touring office? is arising. Volunteers would collect requests by immigrants and would direct them to the proper association. This would allow volunteers to get closer to people.



Volunteers keep visiting families under blood revenge in the area of Shkoder thanks to the medical doctor who provides health assistance to them. A computer course has started with 6 kids. Some of them stay at home for security reason, volunteers bring their PC in their homes. Some others are collected by volunteers who drive them to S. house where the course is held.

Up to know the course consists in explaining them the basic components of a PC and to teach them how to use a program to process pictures and small videos. Both kids and families are showing a lot of interest in it.