Help Save The Palestinian Villages in the South Hebron Hills

For the past twenty years Israel has been actively expelling and displacingthe inhabitants of the South Hebron Hills villages. These villagers havealways practiced a unique lifestyle: most of them are cave dwellers andfind their livelihood in sheep- and goat herding and small crop farming.
Over these years they have suffered unceasing harassment by the Israeliarmy and settlers. Their dwellings are repeatedly demolished, water cisterns ruined and sealed, and their crops destroyed.
1,000 people, adults and children – in eight villages of an area that in the1980s was declared ‘army firing zone no. 918’ – are now threatened withimmediate expulsion from their hamlets. They live in constant fear, helplessly facing a ruthless power that does everything to displace themfrom the home they have inhabited for centuries.Now their plight is up for a last review by Israel’s High Court of Justice.
We call out to those who are still able to listen:We cannot bring peace today. But the least we can do is to expose andcondemn “small? local outrages. In a reality of ongoing occupation, of solidcynicism and meanness, each and every one of us bears the moralobligation to try and relieve the suffering, do something to bend back theoccupation’s giant, cruel hand. In a place where there are no worthypeople, strive to be a worthy person (Pirkei Avot -Ethics of the fathers). Should we not do even this very little?

Signed by:
Shimon Adaf
Nir Baram
Assaf Gavron
David Grossman