Suseya /25-27 August 2004

Update from Suseya – August 25-27, 2004

25 August
Around at 11.00 a.m. one hammer stopped near tends in opposite side of us, beside military site. Three soldiers got out and did exercise along the road for about 10 minutes advancing for 100 m. hidden through the rocks pointing M-16 guns and throwing something like hand bombs (perhaps just stones) but without any explosion. After they got on the hammer and went away in the settlement direction. In that time when the people were working with tractor, they stopped working because they were very scared.
After 11.00 a.m we visited some families living in the land around Suseya, we have been informed that about one week ago the soldiers came in the night to all the families around for a research, and more two days ago at midnight the army came in the their tents and communicates they had to search for MIG. They push out all the person, even women and children of the their tents and they start broking down all stores and water tin.
They searched also into the sheep’s enclosure. After one hour finding nothing they left. Of course all the families were very impressed by soldier operation and the children were very scared.
At 12.25 we saw one white settler’s jeep (pick up) in the way to Suseya settlement picked out from the road near a flock of sheeps. After few minutes they pushed the sheeps into the olive’s field and the sheeps started to damnage the trees.
A group of us about 4 persons (our 3 included) run in their direction, all stop about 300 metres before the “forbidden? line except one of us that runned untill 100 metres far from it. The settlers were about 200 m. up the hill and as soon as they saw us, they push the sheep out the olive’s tree field and stopping in the nearness. After we saw they stop damaging the olive’s tree we returned back. No one of us contactes the settlers or DCO.
We phoned to Ta’ayush telling to contact DCO in order to prevent army think to an attack (guard soldier on the hill top in front of us surely saw our group running to settlers) and avoid any army reaction.
At 5.30 p.m. it happened the same military exercises observed in the morning.

26 august 2004
At 3.30 p.m. some groups of children and youth belonging to a “summer camp?, crossed the tents-area with adults armed escort. We tried to approce one adult but he refused to talk with us. The groups stayed in the area 20 minutes. After that, at 150 meters far from the tents, they left crossing all the Suseya (Arab) lands, going in Suseya’ settlement direction. No one had owner permission to crop the area. One group stayed in olive trees field, about 15 minutes, and left in Suseya’ settlement direction; we seen 2 guy moving some stone of one stone-wall field border.
At 8.30 p.m. one hammer stopped in the military road and soldiers start a training from the road down to the olives trees field. We saw clearly soldiers pointing guns, moving as training and removing stones (as bombs…). After few minutes they returned up from the olives trees and went away.

27 august 2004
At 9.30 a.m. an helicopter coming from east flied on Suseya’s settlement, landed about 2 km far from us. We learned from a sheeperd that was in th place of the landed that teh helicopter picked up some soldiers around some tents. The people of tents were not evacuated.
At 10.30 a.m. we saw an hummer stopping in the same place of the military training the day before. As soon as the soldiers seen our camera, they moved 500 meters far on the road to Suseya settlement. We went in them direction filming with camera, and they left.
At 12.50 a group of youth belonging to a “summer camp? crossed the area of tents, without asking any permission.