Update: houses demolished in Masafer Yatta

Update houses demolished in Masafer Yatta (Southern Hebron Hills) May 22nd 2005

At 9.30 a.m 3 jeeps, a bulldozer and a bugger arrived in ‘Khall el Thaba and demolished the only house of the place. ‘Khall el Thaba is along the hills just beyond Mufaggara on the way to Jinba.
The demolished house belongs to Ali Mohamed Jaber Debebzee.
The family (11 people lived in the house) was able to remove most of their belongings from the house before it was demolished. The demolition only between 15-30 minutes. The house was 7 years old, built from stone with a tarp roof.. The family was not given a demolition paper the morning of the demolition. In May 2004 the family had a toilet that was demolished. The family has also a well and a cave that they sleep in the winter.
As the house was demolished the soldiers also broke a fig tree that was right next to the house.
The soldiers have come and bothered them many times. Now the family is sleeping outside on mats.

At 10.15 a.m the soldiers with jeeps, bulldozer and the bugger, arrived to As-Sarara, a small village near Jinba. The military came from Mufaggara direction.
In As-Sarara the soldiers demolished 6 homes, most were tarps covered.. The demolished house belong to Halim Salim Abu Aram. Now the 30 people living in the houses are sleeping outside on mats. The demolition in As-Sarara finished in about an hour. Now the family is sleeping outside on mats.

After As-Sarara the same soldiers went to the close village of Al-Fakheit, where they demolished two houses (tarps covered). The two houses belongs to a man with two wifes and 13 children. Now the family is sleeping outside on mats.