Israel/Occupied Palestinian Territories

A dirty job – Gaza Strip, 2002

Gaza strip, 2002

Rafah, on the border with Egypt. On the border line Israel has carved itself a security strip by demdirty jobolishing all the houses of the Palestinians present on the area. The pump, that was used to flow away the sewers’ water that came from the Palestinian houses, is trapped under the rubble after the demolitions. Every time the workers try to fix it the Israeli army shoot at them and at the pump. It has been out of order for more than four months now. In the houses that face the security strip, the liquid sewage leaks from the toilet and, with the aid of the sun, the risk of an epidemic is higher every day. Together with other Internationals we agree with the Centre for Human Rights of Khan Younis to carry on an action of protection of the Palestinian workers so they can finally fix the pump. We are two from Operazione Colomba. (more…)

Never Alone

Chiapas, 1998

Classic sound of tyre screech on a country road. The van where we were sitting suddenly stops to avoid crushing on the pick-up that suddenly appeared in front of it. Quickly a bunch of armed guys command us to get off… of the many people in the van, just us three. “Armed guys”, I call them that for a lack of a better expression: tall, sturdy, very well armed, wearing different uniforms or none, maybe in jeans: army? mmm; paramilitary? maybe; some force in civilian clothes? who knows… (more…)


The beauty and the privilege of being born in Europe is served with the right dosage of polite scorn, on the side, for everything that is not western. What a great gift globalization. The whole world open, the whole humanity free to consume the same products. When I was in primary school, my teacher tried to explain to us what globalization was and she said that coca-cola was invented in the US but now it could be drunk by us Italian kids and even by Indian kids. Freedom: the condition where every human in the world can drink coca-cola. What is not explained though, or it’s left implied – very serious mistake considering how normally we slaughter each other over grammatical platitudes for that ever so paraded love for “truth” and “justice”- is that really globalization’s sole purpose has been to export one only possible way of living. (more…)

I’m used to…

Democtratic Republic of Congo, 2001

I’m used to the fact that reality, patiently, explains to me what are dreams and what is reality, in fact. That really in life you have to be content, that, for instance, if you organize an international march to draw attention on the war going on in the Democratic Republic of Congo, this is a good result and that, like every normal person knows, to stop war is really a dream, an illusion or something that will never happen. But… let’s start from the beginning. (more…)