Monthly reports

April 2017 Report: Israel-Palestine

Current Situation

In the south Hebron Hills April was marked by the expansion of Avigayil illegal outpost, with a new building near a Palestinian valley, and the bleeding head of a boy from At-Tuwani who was hit by stones thrown by some settlers. At-Tuwani didn’t miss Israeli military presence as well. Following the presumed theft of beehives from Ma’on settlement, the army entered the village with a large number of soldiers with covered face, escorting an armed settler. (more…)

February 2017 Report: Palestine-Israel

Current Situation

The month of February has opened with the sad piece of news of the approval by the Knesset of a bill legalizing 16 Israeli outposts built on Palestinian land in the West Bank. The aim of the measure, as made clear by some Israeli politicians’ statements is to “regularize the status of settlements in Judea and Samaria (West Bank) and allow them to develop”. (more…)

January 2017 Report: Palestine-Israel

Current Situation

In the South Hebron Hills 2017 did not start in the best way. It looked like the causes were distant, but developments were local. In December, UN’s decision to condemn Israeli settlements lit a little hope among the Palestinians, but in January the atmosphere changed dramatically with the arrival of the new US President, Donald Trump and the subsequent decision by Netanyahu to implement settlements in West Bank. (more…)

December 2016 Report: Israel-Palestine

Current Situation

On December 23, the UN Security Council Resolution #2334 reaffirmed “the inadmissibility of acquisition of territory by force, reaffirming the obligation of Israel, the occupying Power, to abide strictly with its legal obligations and responsibilities […] condemning all measure aimed at altering the demographic composition, characteristics and status of the Palestinian Territory occupied since 1967, including East Jerusalem, including, inter alia, the construction and expansion of settlements, transfer of Israeli settlers, confiscation of land, demolition of homes and displacement of Palestinian civilians, in violation of international humanitarian law and relevant resolutions.” (more…)

November 2016 Report: Palestine-Israel

Current situation

During the month of November the abuses from the Israeli forces have carried on in the occupied Palestinian territories south of Hebron. The Israeli forces have carried out several raids in the Hebron district and in the nearby villages, arresting many Palestinians regardless of their age, including elders and minors. 
Confiscations have kept on going, stop working orders have been delivered and demolitions happened, which according to the United Nations are increasing year by year. (more…)