Armed Israeli settlers invaded the Palestinian village of At-Tuwani

On March 10 at 11.00 am, more than 30 armed settlers from the illegal Israeli outpost of Havat Ma’on invaded the Palestinian village of At-Tuwani.
More than 20 Israeli soldiers, police and border police arrived in the village, but did nothing to remove the settlers, who remained in the village for more than two hours.
The residents of At Tuwani, including the women and children and accompanied by international and Israeli activists, confronted the settlers and prevented them from entering homes in the village.
The Israeli settlers threw stones and threatened Palestinians with guns. In response the soldiers used teargas and sound grenades to move the Palestinians and activists out of the area, and then declared a large area of Palestinian land, including agricultural areas and olive groves, a closed military zone.
Army and Border police continued to occupy the village throughout the day. (more…)

I have a problem, I can’t feel rage

I can't feel rageI left the first time with a good dose of unconsciousness mixed with carelessness. I left probably not fully comprehending the intensity of emotions I would have felt once arrived in At-Tuwani. I didn’t understand that it couldn’t just be three months, a relatively small chapter in my life. I didn’t know that that departure, so unaware and naive, would have led me to today. After, nothing has ever been done ingenuously and nothing has ever been easy. (more…)


My name is Aisha, like the song. I’m 25 years old and I’m Palestinian. I am from the little village of Tuba. In Tuba we live in caverns and tents on a barren hill. Today, in the morning, I went to the city in order to see a doctor. My one year-old daughter is sick and she keeps crying. Aisha

I live in Tuba with my little brother, who is attending the third class of the elementary school. Every day he is escorted by the Israeli soldiers to reach the school in At Tuwani safely. This morning I walked with the soldiers and the schoolchildren too. (more…)

Together At Tuwani

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