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Press Release: Threats of eviction in the largest Syrian refugee camp

November 17, 2016 – North Lebanon, Akkar Region
“In Rekhanye refugee camp, the victims of the Syrian war are still paying the highest prize.”
“The dismantling of this refugee camp, the largest in the north of Lebanon – says Giovanni Ramonda, General Responsible of the Association Community Papa Giovanni  XXIII – would mean a new violence against the Syrian families that already have to deal with the war consequences and the destruction of their homes in Syria.”

Operazione Colomba, the Community Papa Giovanni XXIII Peace Corps, visited the camp and is present in the area with international volunteers since 2014, engaged in support activities for displaced persons.


P/R: Operation Dove concern about the ongoing escalation of violence in the West Bank

Tension increased up to the South Hebron Hills: several attacks against Palestinians

Tensions between Palestinians and Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank have soared in recent days after two Israeli settlers were shot dead near Nablus on Thursday October 1 by suspected Palestinian attackers. Since the shootings, there has been an upsurge of settler attacks against Palestinian people and their property. (more…)