February 2017 report Albania

February 2017 report Albania – Current situation

On February, Albanian police has done several discoveries related to an inquiry about a “blood feud” case begun in 2016. The conflict burst in Elbasan between two clan. It causes 5 casualties and 7 injured. The inquiry results are not public yet, but it seems that one of the first murderers has been identified. The hope is that this news can be the starting point to discover other acts on revenge.

Moreover, at the beginning of February, in Kossovo, an Albanian man invested three people with his car. One of those people died. During the funeral, his family decided to forgive the driver, in order to avoid an escalation of violence. The event represents how traditional habits can still be used to stop the feuds circles. (more…)

February 2017 Report Syria-Lebanon

Current situation: February 2017 Report Syria-Lebanon


February 2017 report Syria-LebanonEarly on February a report compiled by Amnesty International was released stating that between 2011 and 2015  mass executions were systematically carried out in the prison of Saydnaya in the countryside of Damascus. The report highlights a practice of arbitrary and summary mass executions based on confessions extracted by torture. Syrian government denies any wrongdoing and rejects the accusation, rather speaking of a conspiracy. In the first months of the revolution, following an amnesty, these prisons were emptied releasing previous prisoners (mainly for religious crimes and including many extremists), while  political opponents went to fill them. (more…)