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The longest day


In one of the first spring days, we are sitting in a tent, in Tel Abbas. Winter seems far behind as well as the cold and the intrusive mud in the streets. Someone knocks at the door, we open and Abu Suliman from Homs appears at the entrance. He has a gloomy look, far looking over the border, in the lands where is still winter in the men’s hearts. “Look here”. He tells us of an attack with sarin gas in Khan Sheikkun, a small village at two hours’ drive from our position in northern Lebanon. Two hours distant as two centuries. In his phone, I could see horrible images, children piled one on another in dreadful positions. Their eyes wide open and a pale complexion. Some have a white slime coming down from the mouth. Eyes still full of terror, a violence to the heart and to the mind of any observer. (more…)

February 2017 report Albania

February 2017 report Albania – Current situation

On February, Albanian police has done several discoveries related to an inquiry about a “blood feud” case begun in 2016. The conflict burst in Elbasan between two clan. It causes 5 casualties and 7 injured. The inquiry results are not public yet, but it seems that one of the first murderers has been identified. The hope is that this news can be the starting point to discover other acts on revenge.

Moreover, at the beginning of February, in Kossovo, an Albanian man invested three people with his car. One of those people died. During the funeral, his family decided to forgive the driver, in order to avoid an escalation of violence. The event represents how traditional habits can still be used to stop the feuds circles. (more…)

I have a problem, I can’t feel rage

I can't feel rageI left the first time with a good dose of unconsciousness mixed with carelessness. I left probably not fully comprehending the intensity of emotions I would have felt once arrived in At-Tuwani. I didn’t understand that it couldn’t just be three months, a relatively small chapter in my life. I didn’t know that that departure, so unaware and naive, would have led me to today. After, nothing has ever been done ingenuously and nothing has ever been easy. (more…)

February 2017 Report: Colombia

Current situation

After two months and a half since the peace agreement was signed by the government and the FARC, the main result is 7000 guerrillas entering the “transitional areas of normalization”. The FARC started to talk about inefficiency of the State, while the government can’t put in practice what they agreed on. The worrisome situation keeps on growing for, as declared by the High commissioner for peace Sergio Jaramillo, most of the peace processes fail after signing, during the implementation stage. (more…)

Peace Appeal by Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

Operazione Colomba has been present in Lebanon since September 2013, starting from April 2014 a permanent presence in the refugee camp and in the village of Tel Abbas, 5 kilometers from the border with Syria.
After having been subjected to threats and violence by some Lebanese locals, refugees themselves asked Operazione Colomba volunteers to live with them in the camp. A civilian and unarmed international presence is a strong deterrent against the use of violence.
Since three years the volunteers have directly shared their lives with refugees in camps in Lebanon.
This has enabled Operazione Colomba to collect and be spokesman of the demands made by Syrian refugees, representatives of other refugees, who have fled the war in Syria not to be forced to fight or be killed.


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